Publications 2010


  • EMIS-2010 Questionnaires & Variable Manual
    Manual EMIS-2010 Variable Manual Questionnaires EMIS-2010 English language version (PDF of online only questionnaire) EMIS-2010 Bulgarian language version (PDF of […]

International Reports

  • European report 2010
    The EMIS final report was written by the Associated Partners of EMIS between July and September 2011, and includes a […]
  • UNGASS 2010
    A brief report on UNGASS indicators was published for World AIDS Day 2010 in English and Russian. Download:  UNGASS indicators from EMIS data (2010). English UNGASS […]
  • EMIS-2010 Community Reports
    2nd EMIS-2010 Community Report  Community Reports are designed to provide feedback to EMIS study participants and to gay, bisexual, transgender […]

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