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Most partner organisations across Europe have received their links to EMIS, and recruitment can start for real.

There is, however, a recurrent question regarding the survey: Can the participants go back in the survey if they want to correct a previous answer? This is not possible, unfortunately. The option of going back would involve collecting cookies from participants, which we cannot do for privacy reasons. The survey must remain completely anonymous, and so no identifiable cookies are allowed as these would be associated with the participant’s IP address.


Finally! We are rolling out EMIS-2024 across Europe, starting with a comprehensive campaign in Germany. The invitation to participate will be shared on social media, in print media of interest for the target groups: gay and bisexual men who have sex with men, and trans persons. Follow this link for direct access to the survey:


All visual identity materials for EMIS-2024 have been developed and are being compiled into a package that can be sent to the recruiting partners. The visual materials, snippets and other elements have been devised in a way that they can be combined and compiled by all participating partners in any way they like. Different language versions of the recruitment text and the tagline Your Voice, Our Strength can be added by the partners in a format that suits them best.


Plans for a national launch of EMIS-2024 in Germany are solidifying. Promotion and recruitment will start through the social media channels of Deutsche Aidshilfe, IWWIT, and Robert Koch Institute on Sunday, 18.02.2024. All partners from across Europe will be invited to share, repost and retweet posts from the German campaign, which will feature messages and the invitation to participate in German and English.

We are currently uploading and pre-testing the questionnaire. Thanks a lot to all who have given input.


We are delighted to confirm EMIS-2024.

The European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) is a multi-country, multi-language, anonymous online survey for gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM).

EMIS is a joint project of community, academic, and governmental partners across Europe, to inform sexual health interventions for MSM. It occurred in 2010 and 2017 with core-funding from the European Union Health Programme. Since October 2023, we have managed to establish sufficient funding for repeating EMIS, with data collection planned for early 2024.

EMIS-2024 is executed by a consortium of three partners: Deutsche Aidshilfe (DAH), Maastricht University, and Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Team DAH: Dr. Axel J. Schmidt (co-principal investigator), Dr. Tamás Bereczky (coordinator EEA/CH/IL), with the support of Dr. Dirk Sander, Jonathan Gregory, Ferenc Bagyinszky, Alexandra Gurinova, Silke Klumb. Team Maastricht: Prof. Dr. Kai J. Jonas (co-principal investigator), Liana Aphami (data coordinator), Jules L. Casalini (trans sub-survey). Team RKI: Dr. Ulrich Marcus (co-principal investigator), Dr. Nikolay Lunchenkov (coordinator EECA/DE).

EMIS-2024 is co-funded by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control  (ECDC) and the following countries: BE, CH, DE, EE, ES, IE, IL, LU, NL, NO, PT, and SE. For details see EMIS-2024 Network. One of the key benefits of EMIS has been the possibility of completing the questionnaire in all of the official languages of the European Economic Area (EEA). This is particularly important for countries with large proportions of migrants from Southern, Eastern, or South-eastern Europe.

We aim at covering 50 countries and 35 languages.

Countries receiving national funding are shown in dark blue colour, countries with a light blue tone are either included without funding (as national languages are already covered), or they are co-funded by ECDC. The coordinator for all blue-shaded countries is Tamás Bereczky (EEA/CH/IL).

Countries receiving funding from Germany (German Ministry of Health, or Germany’s Global Health Protection Programme) are shown in dark green colour. The coordinator for all dark-green-shaded countries is Nikolay Lunchenkov (EECA/DE). Countries with a light-green shading have a complex funding structure and are jointly coordinated.

Countries in dark grey were either included in previous EMIS research waves or had initially planned to be included in EMIS-2024 but now are not participating.

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