Publications 2017


  • EMIS-2017 Questionnaires & Variable Manual
    The following questionnaires have been used in the projects reported elsewhere on this website. Individuals and organisations are welcome to use individual questions, or whole […]

International Reports

  • European Report 2017
    The EMIS Network. EMIS-2017 – The European Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men Internet Survey. Key findings from 50 countries. Report details:Stockholm, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 2019 […]
  • EMIS-2017 Community Reports
    We thank our network partners for their translations of the following Community Reports. The 3rd EMIS-2017 Community Report, published 14 August 2021, covers the stress factors […]
  • EMIS-2017 and LAMIS: UNAIDS
    For World AIDS Days 2018–2021 we partnered with UNAIDS to present some key findings from the European and Latin American MSM Internet Surveys on the UNAIDS website for […]

National reports

  • EMIS-2017 National Reports
    Since data collection has closed, we have distributed 39 country of residence datasets to our EMIS-2017 partners who are working on a wide range of […]

Journal Articles