Past updates


Finally! We are rolling out EMIS-2024 across Europe, starting with a comprehensive campaign in Germany. The invitation to participate will be shared on social media, in print media of interest for the target groups: gay and bisexual men who have sex with men, and trans persons. Follow this link for direct access to the survey:


All visual identity materials for EMIS-2024 have been developed and are being compiled into a package that can be sent to the recruiting partners. The visual materials, snippets and other elements have been devised in a way that they can be combined and compiled by all participating partners in any way they like. Different language versions of the recruitment text and the tagline Your Voice, Our Strength can be added by the partners in a format that suits them best.


Plans for a national launch of EMIS-2024 in Germany are solidifying. Promotion and recruitment will start through the social media channels of Deutsche Aidshilfe, IWWIT, and Robert Koch Institute on Sunday, 18.02.2024. All partners from across Europe will be invited to share, repost and retweet posts from the German campaign, which will feature messages and the invitation to participate in German and English.