Spain: New publication on drug use among MSM living in Spain

Cinta Folch, Percy Fernández-Dávila, Laia Ferrer, Raúl Soriano, Mercedes Díez, and Jordi Casabona show that MSM in Spain have a high prevalence of drug use. Although the use of injected drugs in MSM was reported only by minority of respondents from Spain, this group reported a higher level of sexual risk behaviors, self-reported HIV, hepatitis C and other STIs.

Malta: IUSTI Europe Certificate of Merit

For a presentation on "Vulnerability to Hepatitis-B among men who have sex with men (MSM) in 40 European cities" in Malta on 20 September 2014, EMIS has been awarded the IUSTI Europe Certificate of Merit, "in recognition of a commendable contribution in promoting understanding in the field of sexually transmitted infections across the continent of Europe."

New article published on bisexual men in Germany

Todd Sekuler, Michael Bochow et al. have published an article on bisexual men from Germany, based on the more than 54,000 EMIS respondents residing in Germany. They assessed HIV testing rates, condom use and risk contact among the following groups of respondents: bisexually active single men, bisexually active men with a regular female partner, bisexually active men with a regular male partner and exclusively homosexually active men.


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