Portuguese National Report online

The Portugues National EMIS report has been published on June 19, 2015 and is available for download here. This is the 20th country report, and we are now covering 17 countries with independently written National Reports. 

24th EMIS article suggests that national homophobia reduces both capability to prevent HIV as well as opportunities for infection

In collaboration with John Pachankis from Yale and Mark Hatzenbuehler from Columbia University we asked what impact national homophobia had on the use of HIV prevention services, on MSM’s capability of dealing with HIV, the kinds of sex they had, and ultimately on whether they contracted HIV. The study was published Open Access in AIDS, June 2015.

23rd EMIS article is on Internalised Homonegativity and Sexual Health

In the 23rd peer-reviewed English-language EMIS article on the European data set, Rigmor Berg and colleagues wanted to know whether gay self stigma / internalised homonegativity is a predisposing factor for various ill health  among gay and bisexal men in Europe. It was published on 20 April 2015 in the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health.


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