The section on journal articles will provide links to peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals (preferably open access journals).

The pan-European EMIS final report was written by the Associated Partners of EMIS between July and September 2011, and includes a chapter written by ECDC. On 27 May 2013 it was published under the title "The EMIS Network. EMIS 2010: The European Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men Internet Survey. Findings from 38 countries. Stockholm: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 2013" (ISBN 978-92-9193-458-4).

Community reports were designed to provide feedback to EMIS study participants and to gay, bisexual, transgender and other MSM. They are available for download in several European languages. The 1st Community Report was written by the Associated Partners and published on World AIDS Day 2010. The 2nd Community Report - prepared by a team of Collaborating Partners headed by Mick Quinlan from the Irish Gay Men's Health Service - was published in July 2011. 

A brief report on UNGASS indicators was published for World AIDS Day 2010 in English and Russian.

EMIS national reports are provided by Associated and Collaborating Partners of EMIS. They are available in the language(s) of the country of the repective partners and are based on the data provided by respondents who lived in that country at the time of the survey (irrespective of the language they used to complete the questionnaire).

The section on conference outputs provides links to talks and posters presented at conferences.

Media coverage includes all independent news stories about EMIS that we are aware of - the section is updated regularly.

We also provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Internet Surveys in a pdf available for download.