Second EMIS English language journal article published

On 26 November 2012 the second English-language journal article on EMIS was accepted for publication in Social Science & Medicine. The paper shows that  structural and environmental factors are associated with internalised homonegativity in MSM. Internalised homonegativity refers to a gay person’s negative feelings about homosexuality and is believed to stem from negative societal stereotypes and attitudes towards homosexuality.

First English language EMIS journal article published

On 14 November 2012 the first English-language journal article on EMIS was published in BMC Public Health. It shows that EMIS self-reported measurements of HIV prevalence were strongly correlated with existing estimates based on biological measurement and modelling studies using surveillance data (R2=0.70 resp. 0.72).

FEMP report now online

FEMP was a conference held 2011 in Stockholm on the Future of European Prevention among MSM. Now the report is online as pdf. In a previous version, for some unclear reasons, several EMIS contributions were not featured.


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