Seventh EMIS English language journal article published

On 6 June 2013 the seventh English-language EMIS journal article was published in Sexually Transmitted Infections (BMJ). It looks at the performance of STI screening services for gay and bisexual men across 40 European cities. The 4 key messages are:
(1) This is the first city-level comparison of STI screening, service accessibility and comprehensiveness of screening among MSM across Europe.
(2) Asymptomatic STI screening in the last 12 months ranged from 8.9% (Istanbul) to 48.0% (Amsterdam) with city median of 39.7% and was inversely related to inaccessible services.
(3) In most cities, anal/genital warts and gonorrhoeal/chlamydial rectal infections among MSM are likely to be profoundly underdiagnosed.
(4) There is an urgent need to increase the accessibility and comprehensiveness of STI screening for gay men and other MSM.
Within the next few weeks, there will be a German language article on the same topic, including 25 German-speaking cities and comparing them with English cities and Amsterdam.