The EMIS project is run by a network of more than 80 partners across Europe. The network is very diverse and includes governmental public health departments, academic institutions, LGBT and HIV prevention NGOs, supra-national organisations, and social networks and online dating websites for MSM

The EMIS project is primarily organised by a group of six partner organisations from five countries. These Associated Partners were official contractors with the European Commission. They co-funded the project and share responsibilities in realising the project and in producing, analysing, and disseminating the results. Certain scientists based at each Associated Partner worked at least part-time on EMIS. All Associated Partners have access to the whole European data set.

Scientific Associated Partners

Administrative Associated Partners

  • GermanyGIZ: Main contract partner, Administrative co-ordination

After the end of the funding period (09/2011), the five scientific Associated Partners have continued the project on a voluntary basis, including in depth analyses, data administration, dissemination of results.

Associated Researchers

Advisory Board

  • Rigmor C. Berg (.no)
  • Aleš Lamut (.si)
  • Ulrich Laukamm-Josten (.int)
  • Irena Klavs (.si)
  • Cinthia Menel-Lemos (.eu)
  • Marita van de Laar / Teymur Noori (.eu)

External Contractors

Project Administration

  • Merle Achten (.de) Administrative co-ordination, 2009-2010
  • Isgard Peter (.de) Administrative co-ordination, 2010-2011
  • Romina Stelter (.de) Administrative co-ordination, 2011
  • Stefanie Schmidt (.de) Financial administration