National reports

EMIS national reports are provided by Associated and Collaborating Partners of EMIS. They are available in the language(s) of the country of the repective partners and are based on the data provided by respondents who lived in that country at the time of the survey (irrespective of the language they used to fill in the questionnaire).

No national report will be published for eight countries because of small sample sizes: Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Croatia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, and Moldova. As of June 2013, no national reports are planned for: The Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine.

In the UK, local area data reports were made available March 2011, giving HIV prevention comissioners and planners access to detailed EMIS data about their local residents. EMIS summary reports for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Regarding the Austrian report, a longer version than the one linked below is available at the homepage of Vienna University. Click with care, as it is more than 20 MB.

More national reports had been announced for Bulgaria, The Czech Republic (including Slovakia), France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Turkey, but it is unclear now (September 2015) if this is still going to happen.